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  • YOU FOUND PERFECTION: Are you tired of searching the entire gym for the ankle cuff for cable machines and finding them dirty and smelly? Or you want to use them with your home gym equipment? PeoBeo workout ankle straps are the right attachments for doing your weightlifting exercises and work your hamstrings and glutes to get the body you are dreaming of.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: other ankle straps for cable machines are rough on the skin causing bruises, they rip off mid move or start breaking down due to weight. We took the old ankle cuff concept and we upgraded it: 7 mm neoprene padding for comfort, double D-ring for weight lifting up to 220 lbs and heavy duty velcro for increased workout intensity without worrying for your safety.
  • VERSATILITY- We invest in quality products, therefore our PeoBeo leg straps for cable machines are suitable for women and man and compatible with cable weight lifting equipment, fitness and home gym machines or resistance bands.
  • REACH YOUR GOALS- even if you want to bid cellulite goodbye, to strengthen your glutes, to have stronger legs and become sexier, we are in this together. Our fit ankle straps will become your best friends helping you achieve your dream body.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We stand behind our Cable Ankle Straps and we will always focus on your satisfaction. If you don't absolutely love your PeoBeo glute kickback ankle straps, just send them back and we'll promptly refund you in full.

Why Choose Us?

With each product we bring to the market, we seek to improve quality based on our clients’ suggestions. Born from a long-time passion for fitness, PeoBeo Ankle Straps:

  • don’t have any hem that could rub your skin and irritate it
  • feature two reinforced D-Rings to evenly distribute weight
  • have soft neoprene padding (7 mm) for extra comfort and support
  • are made to last thanks to their strong Velcro and double stitching
  • can be machine-washed without losing shape or adherence
  • withstand up to 220 pounds without coming undone
  • fit ankle sizes between 3 and 4.9 inches in diameter


Bid Cellulite Goodbye!

If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable way to increase the intensity of your workouts and bid cellulitis goodbye, PeoBeo Ankle Straps are perfect for you! Thanks to their ergonomic design and sturdy stitching, they fit comfortably around your ankle and allow you to get more out of your training.

Your premium ankle straps:

  • help you tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quads
  • provide extra support when lifting heavier weights
  • are compatible with most cable and weight-lifting machines
  • resist up to 3 times longer than similar products
  • feel both comfortable and secure around your ankles
  • offer you a safe way to burn calories and lose weight


What’s in the Amazon Box?

When that smiling little Amazon box arrives at your door, here is what you’ll discover inside:

  • 1x or 2x sturdy and comfortable ankle straps for cable machines (depends on your choice)
  • 1x nylon bag for easy transport and storage
  • 1x thank you card with a link to your videos

What are you waiting for? Order NOW and tone your body!

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